Coating Induction Heating Machine Accurate Temp Control For Welding Preheat / PWHT / Joint
Place of Origin Shenzhen China
Brand Name Canroon
Certification CE; ISO9001:2008
Model Number CR2000
Minimum Order Quantity 1 piece
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Wooden case
Delivery Time A week after confirmed payment
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 25 Piece/Pieces per Week
Product Details
Input 3-phase 380V / 1-phase 220V Output 5/10/40/80/120/160KW
Frequency 2.5~60KHz Electric Design Digital Control
Resonance Series Resonance Control Mode Temperature Control
Control Precision High Precision Heating Temp. 788℃
High Light

Coating PWHT Induction Heating Machine


PWHT Joint Induction Heating Machine


460v Induction Heating Machine

Product Description

Induction Heating Machine for Welding Preheat / PWHT / Joint Anti-corrosion Coating in Accurate Temp. Control

CR2000 series medium frequency induction heating system is designed and manufactured by Canroon, specially

for using of welding preheat, post weld heat treatment (DHT dehydrogenation heat treatment, ISR intermediate

stress relief), and joint anti-corrosion coating.
CR2000 is widely used and welcomed by oil&gas piping, and power plant construction & repair.
Application of shink fitting for motor stator is also very efficient.


Brand: Canroon(China manufacturer)

Power: 40, 80, 120, 160KW


Heating temperature: can be high as 788℃

Voltage: 3 phase, 380-460v, 50/60HZ,

Suitable pipe size: 200-1200mm diameter, 25-60mm thickness,

cooling system: air cooling

Thermocouple: 6 PCS


Application industries: offshore platform, power station, oil and gas pipeline construction, etc

Applications: pipe welding preheat, PWHT/ post weld heat treatment, joint anti-corrosion coating, etc

Features:digital control, self-fault diagnosis, modular design, fault code feedback, high efficiency, etc

Welding preheating and post-heating is an important application field of induction heating.
The welding of steel after preheating can reduce the stress,improve the welding strength,and
prevent cracking.Post-heating is used for dehydrogenation,annealing,tempering,normalizing
and other processes.


Coating Induction Heating Machine Accurate Temp Control For Welding Preheat / PWHT / Joint

Induction Heating Power Source:

CR2000 induction heating generatore covers power 5KVA/10KVA/40KVA/80KVA/120KVA.

All designed with perfect portability and compact in size.




Type Input Output Inductance range Dimension Weight IP

Power:   5KVA
Voltage: 1-phase
Freq.:    50-60Hz
Current: 6.3-7.6A

Power: 4.2kW
(duty cycle 100%)
Freq.:  5-60KHz


H: 295.2MM
D: 504.4MM

16Kg IP23

Power:   5KVA
Voltage: 3-phase
Freq.:     50-60Hz
Current: 6.3-7.6A

Power: 4.5kW
(duty cycle 100%)
Freq.:  3-35KHz

2.2-300uH W:263MM H:302MM D:535MM 18.5Kg IP23

Power:  10KVA
Voltage: 3-phase
Freq.:     50-60Hz
Current: 12.5-15A

Power: 9W
(duty cycle 100%)
Freq.:  3-35KHz


Power:   40KVA
Voltage: 3-phase
Freq.:     50-60Hz
Current: 50-61A

Power: 35kW
(duty cycle 100%)
Freq.:  3-35KHz

2.2-300uH W:544MM H:762MM D:730MM 115Kg IP23

Power:   80KVA
Voltage: 3-phase
Freq.:     50-60Hz Current: 100-121A

Power: 72kW
(duty cycle100%)
Freq:   2.5-35KHz

3.0-500uH W:592MM H:845MM D:801MM 190Kg IP23

Power:  120KVA
Voltage: 3-phase
Freq.:     50-60Hz Current: 150-182A

power: 108kW
(duty cycle100%)
Freq.:  2.5-35KHz

3.0-500uH W:592MM H:845MM D:801MM 190Kg IP23

Accessories:Our induction heater uses new technology with IGBT module, digital control, and modular design,

can be used for welding preheat, PWHT, stress relieving, etc, also efficient for joint anti-corrosion coating.

Coating Induction Heating Machine Accurate Temp Control For Welding Preheat / PWHT / Joint
Customized Inductor:

Canroon provide customized inductor to adapt various workpieces, and ensure easier operation and higher

working efficiency.

Coating Induction Heating Machine Accurate Temp Control For Welding Preheat / PWHT / Joint 

Preheating for circular seam / longitudinal seam welding;

Preheating for joint anti-corrosion coating;



Coating Induction Heating Machine Accurate Temp Control For Welding Preheat / PWHT / Joint



  • High Efficiency

This uniquely energy-efficient process converts up to 90% of the expended energy into useful heat, and

time-to-temperature is faster than conventional processes due to the method of applying heat, reducing

cycle time.

  • Friendly Interface and Accurate Control

The control board offers various parameters for setting so the heating process can be controlled precisely

by giving value to temperature, time, heating rate, cooling rate, etc.

  • Fault Record

Fault codes will display and be recorded for reference, and system will respond with protection action

like shutdown once fault occurs such as open-loop output or short out.

  • Various Control Mode

The interface offers two basic control mode to choose including temperature control and power control.

The former one has 4 modes of preheat, bake-out, PWHT, custom. The last one has 2 modes of constant

power and power VS time. Each mode offers different parameters to set. Thus brings the benefit of wide

applicability and precise control.

  • Easy Maintenenace

Due to modular design, the maintance will be easy and low-cost.

  • Self Diagnosis

Once fault occurs, CR2000 will act with display of fault code, which was detailed explained in the manual book.

  • Uniform Heating

The heat is induced within the part itself by alternating electrical current, thus uniform temperature throughout

the heating zone is realized.

  • Replaceable Heating Inductor

Apart from induction blanket (blanket type inductor), there are multiple heating inductors for choice including

induction coil/cable, C-type inductor, plate type inductor, Split-core inductor, O type inductor, all of which are

easily dismountable and reconnected to the power source. So the power source can be used for heating

workpiece of different size and shape.

  • Abdudant Accessories

We offer multiple accessaries like thermocouple, thermocouple welding machine, digital temperature-recorder,

remote switchgear, output extension cable, insulation blanket, etc. Complete solution saves your time and ensures

you to start work soon after received our delivery.





1. Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

We are manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, specialized in portable water cooling induction heater/induction

heating machine for many years.

2. What's the delivery time for sample and bulk order?

Normally for machines in stock, will deliver within 5 days, if not, 7-30 days according to your order.

3. What's your quality guarantee period?

12 months warranty

4. Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?

Of course. Cheaper price with larger quantity

5. can you customize the machine for us?

Yes, of course, just tell me your detailed requirement, so I can suggest you most suitable model.


Coating Induction Heating Machine Accurate Temp Control For Welding Preheat / PWHT / JointCoating Induction Heating Machine Accurate Temp Control For Welding Preheat / PWHT / Joint

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