Capable Precise Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Casting Forging
Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Brand Name Canroon
Certification CE ISO9001
Model Number CR1000
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Price Negotiated price
Packaging Details wooden case, carton or customized
Delivery Time 5-7 days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability 1000 pieces/ month
Product Details
Altitude <1000m (reduce Frequency When Above 1000m: 15% Power Derating For Every 1000m Increase In Altitude) Service Life >50000Hrs
Others This Equipment Shouldn't Be Used In Places Endangering Personal Safety Or Have Speciasafety Requirements. Protection Detection <10uS
Start Time <0.2S Operating Temperature -10°C~+50°C
Electricity-heat Transformation Rate > 95% Storage Temperature 20°C~+60°C
High Light

Precise Induction Heat Treatment Machine


Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Forging

Product Description
Product Introduce
CV800 series 380V 3 Phase 11 KW motor drive frequency variable inverter
   CV800 series multi-function inverter is specially designed for small and medium power equipment. The product adopts vectorized V/f control technology, built-in PID control, multi-speed control, programmable operation control, standard Modbus communication and other technologies. The compact structure can further reduce the installation space.


Product Feature
  • Compact and powerful
  • High starting torque, adapt to various loads
  • Supports programmable operation control, making complex applications easier
  • Stronger overload capacity, shorter acceleration time
  • Built-in PID function for full-closed-loop control
  • Comprehensive protection function, more reliable operation
Capable Precise Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Casting Forging


Technical Index and Specification
Input Rated Voltage, Frequency 3-phase (-4T) 380V;50/60HZ
Allowed Voltage Range 3-phase (-4T)320V~460V
Output Voltage 4T;0~380V
Frequency 0~600HZ
Overload Capacity 10% for long-term, 150% for 1 min, 180% for 5s
Control Mode V/F control, Simple vector control

Control Character

Frequency Setting


Analog Input 0.1% of maximum output frequency
Digital Setting 0.1HZ
Frequency Precision Analog Input Within 0.2% of maximum output frequency
Digital Setting Within 0.01% of set output frequency

V/F Control


V/F Curve

(voltage frequency


Reference frequency setting 5~600 Hz, multipoint V/F

curve setting, or fixed curve of constant torque, low decreasing

torque 1, low decreasing torque 2, square torque



Manual setting: 0.0~30% of rated output





Automatic lifting: automatically determine the lifting torque based

on the output current combined with the motor parameters

Control Character

Senseless Vector



Voltage Frequency


Adjust pressure/frequency ratio according to motor parameter and

unique algorithm

Torque Character Starting torque
100% rated torque at 5.0 Hz (V/F Control)
150% rated torque at 1.5 Hz (simple vector control)

Current and

Voltage Restrain

Current closed-loop control, free from current impact, perfect

restrain function of overcurrent and overvoltage


Restrain during


Specially for users with a low or unsteady voltage power grid: even lower than the

allowable voltage range, the system can maintain the longest possible operating time

based on its unique algorithm and residual energy allocation strategy

Typical function

Multi-velocity and

Traverse Operation

7-segment programmable multi-velocity control, multiple operating modes are


PID Control

Built-in PID controller (able to preset frequency). Standard configuration RS485

communication function, multiple communication protocol for choice, synchronizing

control function.



Frequency Setting


Analog Input


Direct voltage 0~10V, direct current 0~20mA

(optional up limit and lower limit)

Digital Output


Operation panel setting, RS485 port setting, UP/DW terminal

control, or combined with analog input

Output Signal

Analog Input


1 channel OC output and one channel relay output

(TA, TB,TC), up to 14 choices

Digital Output

1 channel analog signal output, output ranging within 0~20mA or

0~10V with flexibly setting, achievable output of physical

quantities like set frequency, output frequency




Dynamic steady state, static steady state, and unsteady voltage for choices to obtain

the steadiest operation

Acceleration and

Deceleration Time


0.1S~999.9min continuous setting





Dynamic braking initial voltage, backlash voltage and dynamic braking continuous




Halt DC braking initial frequency:0.00~【F0.05】upper limit frequency
Braking time:0.0~30.0s;Braking current:0.0%~50.0%of rated current
Low Noise Running Carrier frequency 1.0kHz~16.0kHz continuous adjustable, minimize motor noise
Counter A built-in counter, facilitate system integration
Operation Function

Upper limit and lower limit frequency setting, frequency hopping operation, reversal

running restraint, slip frequency compensation, RS485 communication, frequency

control of progressive increase and decrease, failure recovery automatically, etc.



n Panel





Output frequency, output current, output voltage, motor speed, set frequency, module

temperature, PID setting, feedback, analog input and output



The latest 1 faults record; running parameters record when the latest fault tripping

happens including output frequency, set frequency, output current, output voltage, DC

voltage and module temperature etc 6 running parameters record.

Protective Function

Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, module fault, electric thermal relay, overheat,

short circuit, default phase of input and output, motor parameter adjustment

abnormality, internal memory fault, etc.






-10℃~+40℃ (please run the VFD in derated capacity when ambient temperature

is 40°C~50°C)

Ambient Humidity 5%~95%RH,without condensing drops
Surroundings Indoors (without direct sunlight, corrosive or flammable gas, oil fog and dust)
Altitude Running in derated capacity above 1000m, derate 10% for every 1000m rise.
Structure Protection Level IP20
Cooling Method Air cooling with fan control

Installation Method


Wall-hanging type,Cabinet type
Voltage Classes Model No. Rated Power (KW) Rated Output Current (A)
380V 3-phase CV800-00AG-14TF 0.4 1.2
CV800-00BG-14TF 0.75 2.5
CV800-001G-14TF 1.5 3.7
CV800-002G-14TF 2.2 5
CV800-003G-14TF 3 6.8
CV800-004G-14TF 3.7 9
CV800-005G-14TF 5.5 13
CV800-007G-14TF 7.5 17
CV800-011G-14TF 11 25


    Such as the rubber and plastic industry (blow molding machine, extruder, injection molding machine, rubber machinery, rubber mixing machine, etc.), automated production lines, constant pressure water supply, textile machinery, food filling , Logistics equipment, ceramic equipment, electronic equipment, packaging machinery, etc.
Capable Precise Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Casting Forging

Basic Running Wiring
  The wiring parts of VFD include major loop and control loop. Open the cover of I/O terminals, users can see the major loop terminal and control loop terminal, and must conduct the wiring according to the following diagram.

Capable Precise Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Casting Forging


Introduction of Canroon

   Canroon is a remarkable energy saving solutions provider,whose products and solutions are widely used in shipbuilding, aviation, automotive, metallurgy, chemical engineering, petroleum pipeline construction, new materials, new energy and other fields. Canroon has a professional R & D team, committed to convert its wisdom into leading products and services to meet the needs of different customers, continuing to create values for customers.Canroon has been striving to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's energy conservation and emissions reduction career, with comprehensive advantages in the field of power electronics.We aim to become the industry leader and our duty is to improve the earth's natural environment, satisfy the social sustainable development for the principle, targeted for the user to create reliable, stable green energy production. "We create; we share", we will join partners to innovation as a means to jointly provide users with more reliable products and better solutions, more harmony between mankind and nature.



2021 Low cost compact economic 1hp 2hp  3hp 4hp  Variable electric frequency drive vfd motor  Inverter



2021 Low cost compact economic 1hp 2hp  3hp 4hp  Variable electric frequency drive vfd motor  Inverter




Capable Precise Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Casting Forging


Payment & Delivery


Terms of Payment

  •  We surpport L/C, T/T, Western Uion, MoneygRAM, Paypal( 30% deposits, 70% balance before delivery)



  • Fedex/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, door to door;
  • By air or by sea for batch goods for FCL, airport/port receving;
  • Customers specifying freight forwarders for negotiable shipping nethods.
  • Delivery time: 3~7 days for samples, 10~25days for bulk order goods.


Low Cost CV800 1hp 2hp 3hp 4hp 5.5hp  7.5hp 10hp 15hp vfd controller ac variable drive frequency converter



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Capable Precise Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Casting Forging

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