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Big Success for Essen Exhibition 2017 in German

Big Success for Essen Exhibition 2017 in German

September 30, 2017

2017 Essen Exhibition was held during 24th to 29th, Sep in Dusseldorf, German. Canroon team exhibited two types of induction heating machines: CR2000 series 10kw portable type for pipe heat treatment and CR2100 series 50kw combined type with chiller built-in for brazing.

In the exhibition, most visitors are from Europ countries, and they prefer new advanced and energy saving equipment. Compared with traditional heating method, induction heating is much faster and higher efficiency, and suitable for big industries in automatic production line. Both CR2000 series and CR2100 series are newly advanced with digital control, modular design, and self fault feedback. So Canroon products are exactly what customers are looking for.

Besides, there were several customers take the workpiece to our booth for testing. We did induction brazing for copper tube, heat exchanger, and steel bar. Customers were satisfied with good performance of our machines.

Canroon aims to provide the high quality products with the best prices. We create, we share!