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A Successful Show in the 17th International Motor Expo And Forum 2017

June 22, 2017

The 17th Motor Expo and forum 2017 in Shanghai attracted many companies in electric motor industry, and offered a perfect opportunity during 7th~9th June, for insiders to communicate their demands, and share the latest technology and equipment.


Canroon exhibited CV900 frequency inverter and CR2100 induction heating machine, and got highly interest from not only visitors, but also exhibitors.


Many factories were looking for an advanced brazing equipment to replace their old one, to ensure a higher efficiency and better brazing performance. Some visitors came to look for portable brazing machine for their on-site repair work, such as wind generating set.


CR2100 impressed customers with it's high-efficiency, good portability, and humanization design.


And CV900 attracted visitors for its universal muti-function in application of controlling motor speed, which makes it a perfect choice in industries like draught fan, textile machinery, roll machine, metal drawbench, screw compressorfor center air conditioning, etc.